Why you should adopt a hybrid ICT infrastructure?

If you are unsure about jumping onto to the cloud, you can choose to implement a hybrid ICT infrastructure; one that combines cloud-based systems with some on-premise technologies. This means that you can have some of the benefits of cloud, such as, flexibility, scalability and reduced ICT costs, without having to commit your entire infrastructure.

Get your in-house systems ready for hybrid ICT infrastructure

To get the full benefits of a hybrid ICT infrastructure, your on-premise systems have to be up to date and well managed. This not only means updating your anti-virus! It can mean having to purchase the newest versions of certain key software, or to upgrade your hardware.

Understand your infrastructure requirements

Implementing a cloud solution isn’t as simply as merely choosing a provider. A great partner will work with you to understand which bits need to be cloud-based and which bits don’t. Some applications might need the speed of being on-premise, and others might need the accessibility of being in the cloud.

Know your technology requirements

You can’t improve on a system that you don’t understand. For most SME to get the most out of a hybrid ICT infrastructure, you should have full visibility on all your technology… this includes servers, processes and applications, both on your physical devices, and already in the cloud.

Make cloud and on-premise work together

The ability to use cloud and on-premise systems together is both a challenge and an exciting possibility for most SME. If you do it right, you will get the most out of both platforms and increase the ability to take on new technology initiatives quickly.

Create your future-proof ICT infrastructure

As new technologies come onto the scene, as an SME, you need to be ready. With an agile and flexible infrastructure, you can reduce the complexity of these technologies and increase your ability to use them

Still unsure?

Talk to one of our team today. They can work with you to work out the best way forward.

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